In the past"Tuol Sleng"Museum was one of the secondary school in the capital, called "Tuol Svay Prey"High School. After the 17th April 1975 Khmer Rouge Regime holded on the power and transformed it in to a prison called"S21"(Security Office 21) which was a biggest in Kampuchea Democratic. It was surrounded with the double wall of corrugated iron, surmounted by dense barbed wires.The classrooms on the ground and the first floors were pierced and divided into individual cells, where as the ones on the second floor used for mass detention. Several thousands of victimes (peasents, workers, technicians, engineers, doctors, teachers,students, buddhist monks, ministers, soldiers, foreigners,etc...) were imprisoned and exterminated with their wives and their children. there are a lot of evidences here proving the atrocities of Pol Pot clique: cells, instrument of torture, dossires and documents, list of prisoner's names, mugshots of victimes, their clothes and their belonging's.




After there was not enough space to bury corpses in the S-21 when more and more prisoners were executed, and partly in order to avoid the spread and epidemic. May be in the mid of 1976, Chhoeung Ek was chosen, as a new location for execution and a burial site for freshly killed corpses from S-21. With a tremendous Memorial Stupa of the Chhoeung Ek Genocideal Center, we imagine that we are hearing the grievous voice of the victims who were beaten to death by the killers with canes, bamboo stumps or head of hoes, and were stabbed with knives or swords.We seem to be looking at the horrifying scenes and the panic, stricken faces of the people who were dying of starvetion, forced labor or torture without mercy upon the skinny body and they died without giving the last words to their kith and kin. How bitter were they when seeing their beloved children, wives,husbands, brothers or sisters were seized and tightly bound and taken to the mass graves while they were waiting for their turn to come and share the same tragic lot?

The Killing Fields Tour, Free S21( 15 $)

  • Air-conditioned bus
  • Safty, Comfortable, Friendship
  • Wifi
  • Pure drinking water
  • Pick up/ Drop off
  • Audio tour guides Killing Fields in 15 languages
  • Documantay played on bus related to history
  • Free childrends under 10 yeas old without Audio ( ID required)

The Killing Fields and Prison S-21 Tours
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  • Documentary play on bus during you are inside the bus and let you know more story.
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Information about tour

Morning tour : 8:00 - 8:30 am ( Hotel pick up )
  • From : 08:30 - 8:45am am Wellcome by English speaking attendance.
  • From : 08:45 - 10:30 am Visiting at prison S21
  • Form : 10:30 - 11:00 am Going to Killing Fields with documentary play(related to Pol Pot's history)
  • From : 11:00 - 12:30 pm Visiting at killing fields
  • From : 12:30 - 01:00 pm Back to hotels with documentary play(interviewing of former prisoner and guard)

Morning tour : 10:00-10:30am (Hotels pick up)

  • From : 10:30-11:00am Going to killing fields with documentary play(related to Pol Pot's history)
  • From : 11:00-12:30pm Visiting at killing fields
  • From : 12:30-01:00pm Going to prison S21 with documentary play(interviewing of former prisoners and guard)
  • From : 01:00-02:30pm Visiting at prison S21
  • From : 02:30-03:00pm Back to hotels with English speaking attendance.

Afternoon tour : 01:00 - 01:30 pm ( Hotel pick up )

  • From : 01:30 - 02:15 pm Welcome by English speaking attendance
  • From : 02:15 - 03:30 pm Visiting at prison S21
  • Form : 03:30 - 04:00 pm Going to killing fields with documentary play(related to Pol Pot's history)
  • From : 04:00 - 05:30 pm Visiting at killing fields
  • From : 05:30 - 06:00 pm Back to hotels with documentary play(interviewing of former prisoners and guard).

  • Free Hotel Pick up / drop off ( Hotel, Guest House, Central Market, Night Market, Riverside )
  • Wifi Access on bus ( High Speed )
  • Documentary play on bus with big screen for round trip
  • English Speaking Guide on bus ( you'll know more about Phnom Penh )
  • Free 1 drink water coca cola


  • Entrance Fee Killing Fields $3
  • Entrance Fee Prison S-21 $5
  • Audion Tour Killing Fields $3
  • Audio Tour Prison S-21 $3

 Tour Price

$15 per person


Free Children under 10 years old (without audio)


For agroup rate contact us by WhatsApp+855 70 329 336

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Bus Tour Killing Fields & Prison S21  :

Half day tour, Round trip by Air-Con Bus

-Morning Departure: 8:30 am, 10:30am

-Afternoon Departure : 1:30 pm

  • Visit Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes in each site.
  • Tour Price: $15/preson (Audio in Killing Fields included).
  • Info: Whats App +855 70 329 336

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